FQ Shaheen Guarantee

No Compromise where it counts :
F,Q SHAHEEN guarantees every selected recruit on three key counts so that employers can be sure of the investment they make. If any of the following conditions are not met within three months of hiring RFS HR will replace the employee at its own expense.
Professionally Fit:
The employee will arrive on time and be capable of performing all duties* as per the job descrip¬tion
Medically Fit:
The candidate will pass the government medical test and will be fit for his/ her role.
Ability to work:
The recruits will be able and willing to perform all duties as stated on the work agree-ment.
Even after the three -month guarantee period has passed, RFS HR continues to work closely with the client and the staff to ensure that any concerns or issues between par¬ties are settled quickly and smoothly.
*Professional fitness is guaranteed for all manpower selected by F,Q SHAHEEN.