Oil and gas industry

F.Q.Shaheen is proud to present itself as most acclaimed Oil and gas Recruitment Group for Middle East and other major Oil and gas sites around the world. The world economy is largely affected by Oil and Gas Sectors evidently making petroleum goods one of the most valuable natural resources in the world and generating recruitment options for overseas manpower.

energy requirements for different uses either commercial or domestic use are increasing day by day, making oil and gas industries thrive, as the major part of the energy is obtained from oil and gas. F.Q.Shaheen as a key part of oil and gas sector, being renowned . F.Q. Shaheen offer different opportunities for generating manpower, overseas in oil and gas sector

F.Q.Shaheen is one of the leading Oil and Gas Recruitment agencies in Pakistan For Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Poland, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Middle East – Gulf Countries | European Countries, The increasing need for energy worldwide is generating more and more chances in Oil and gas sectors at different levels of employment. The oil and gas industry is the most prominent industry of modern times, F.Q.Shaheen specializes in manpower in famous oil and gas sectors.



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