Construction Industry

Construction Recruitment Agency is one of the basic requirements of any business or household. Therefore, the construction industry is thriving as much as any other industry generating recruitment options locally and overseas. TOP Rated #1 Construction Recruitment Agency in Pakistan - F.Q.Shaheen is the only group that deals in manpower supply for different industries as a multi-purpose recruitment agency. With the well-mannered and experienced staff, our renowned construction recruitment agency has achieved milestones in the supply of manpower to our overseas clients. Our trust and professional services have made us the leading recruitment agency in the area.

F.Q.Shaheen truly understands how manpower can influence the construction business and what are the factors and risks that have an huge effect on construction industry

We value the space for construction and the associated recruitment of manpower. F.Q.Shaheen is one of the leading Construction Recruitment Agencies in Pakistan For Germany, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Middle East. Our construction industry is working hard, taking each task efficiently generating maximum possible manpower to our client construction companies.,



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