Recruitment Procedure


Manpower recruiting process as can be divided into the following phases;-

1.Appointment of recruiting agent by the employer by issuing power of attorney, demand letter (specimen) and singing of mutual agreement.
2. Government of Pakistan formalities.
3. Selection.
4. Embassy/consulate formalities for visas.
5. Transportation phase.

To streamline the export of man power in Pakistan, the government of Pakistan have appointed recruiting agents after thoroughly satisfying themselves with the standing and credibility of the agents. For processing any demand for manpower for export certain documentation is made by the government & Embassies/consulates of countries of Employment for getting the visas endorsed.



Before commencing any work of employment for any principal we have to submit a power of attorney from that principal saying that Messrs. Experts has been appointed as recruiting agent In Pakistan for that employer. This power of attorney must be attested by the Pakistan Embassy or consulate. After the submission of power of attorney, the employee is recognized as a prospective employer of Pakistani manpower with protector of emigrants, government of Pakistan, and thereafter we are authorized to act as agents on behalf of the employer.


With the power attorney a demand letters is also required for every new demand which must be type written on employer’s letter-head mentioning all the terms and conditions of service as per demand letter specimen or the following points must covered in the demand letter.


1.trades/categories of manpower required
2.period of contract
4.Accommodation facilities (if supplied by the employer)
6.working hours/days
7.annual paid leave and other leaves is must
9.medical facilities
10.Other special conditions of employment i.e. Termination/Resignation of services procedure etc.
11.Passage: return ticket by air from Karachi to site of employment and back be paid by the employer.

On receipt of power of attorney and the demand letter, both these documents are registered with the protector of emigrant’s office and thereafter we are legalized to start employment work for our principals.

On receipt of the job order the company will get Govt. Approval to recruit.

1. Public Notice
Application are invited for interviews through advertisement in the national newspapers.

2. Interview
Management and panel of engineers and foremen sort out all application and classify them according to qualifications, age, experience etc. and test these people orally and also ensure stable, physically fit and mentally sound people are called for trade lost.

3. Trade-Test (First)
Those cleared in interview are trade in our work-shop by our engineers and foremen. Those abstain maximum marks are taken.

4. Trade-Test (Second) Our Principal
Those selected in the trade test are presented before our principal for re-trade test and ensure 100% right selected.

5. Medical Fitness Test
All selected people go for a detailed medical examination and those who clear this are selected.

6. Travel Arrangements
Upon Confirmation form company of those candidates whose Visas are issued so we send their list to Ticketing agency for arrangement of their travel.

7. Performance
We ensure trouble free service by our workers during their period of contract and also furnish performance bond to accommodate satisfactory service. If any worker is found unsuitable within three months on job site, he will be send home at our expense and duly replaced.

We shall be entitled to a service charge equivalent to PKR 10,000 per person supplied by us. These terms can be discussed and agrees mutually at the time of concluding the contract.

We should be honored by a trial order for manpower provision in order to prove our worth to create lasting bond mutual trust.